First song I wrote since Anxiety back in 2014. I got home, picked up my guitar, instantly played and sang this song, and this is the product of that. This song is considered my one hit wonder!


You weren't there when all my teeth fell out of my head
And I was scared that you might be
Looking in at all the darkest parts of me
Now you're just another pointless memory

It's funny you should ask me
'Cus i'm not telling anyone
You don't deserve the closure I never got
So for now my teeth will rot

These pointless pictures
Sitting in a box
I'd love to burn them
But you would never be caught

Oh is it sentimental because
I'd prefer to forget
About this fucking mess you've started

And what's the difference between falling in love
And falling off a fifty foot drop

If it were up to me i'd make you believe that
You were someone else

Oh is that hypocritical because you would never
Dare do that to me

I do recall a time when I was hoping you'd be mine
But you went and you blew it

You wear an ugly face but one that you try to embrace
I think it's very fitting

It's over now
Try to forget
I can't help myself
And I regret
Ever falling in love
Or playing along
There will never be
Another one


from Everything So Far, released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


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