This is the first song I've ever written, back in 2014.


When did it become so hard
To find someone and fall in love
Forget about skipping the worst
This life is nothing but I broken record

There are skeletons under the staircase
And they call me down the stairs
Mental notes and thoughts of your face
Leaving me impaired and I fall down

Lets go back to your place
Your smile's all I have
I think I may have overstayed my welcome
This depression must be boring you so bad

A skeleton is nothing more
Than a routine fucking chore
I used to always go by that
I never thought i'd be this bad
But there is something missing
I am dying to be kissing you
But I will sleep forever more
Self loathing has become such a bore

And when you move away
I swear to go i'll beg for you to stay
My happy ending should have been with you

But now you're dead and gone
And though that may sound slightly odd to you
Your place was always meant to be with me

There's something in my attic
Oh my head is filled with static
There's a loophole in my dreaming full of clarity

I'm hopeful that one day I choose to leave this all behind me
Or find a god damn way to get back to you


from Everything So Far, released May 24, 2016
Heartbroken 2014 Alec



all rights reserved


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