I tried something a tad different. Ehh


Demon Serenade
Plastic Masquerade
Bubbling over
The bonds we create

Urgency means nothing to me
Full of broken sentences
Buzzed like honey bees

Drowning sound
Slowly drifting
In a coffin
On a mission

Blackened minds
Chewed up insides
Take me far from this place
Take me out tonight

And I can't hide
The way you're making me feel
So god damn blind

But I'll try
To rip away the burden
Of making you my lovely concubine

You're out of time
Dripping with confusion
Dripping with confusion of your life

The street signs
Point in no direction
Point in no direction but down

Fortresses of bliss
Masking what you missed
You used to hate the sound of happiness

You romanticized
The thought of you and I near death tonight

But we'll drive
And hopefully avoid the vacancy signs
Giving us a better chance
Of being freed to other worldly binds

And Now i'll bleed out the love
We created when we were still so very young
When we were so young


from Everything So Far, released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


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