Everything So Far

by Coney Island Rescue Party

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Jessi Falk
Jessi Falk thumbnail
Jessi Falk There is so much potential in this album. I'm not saying anything was missed, I'm saying this is only the beginning of what's to come. Only great things will come of CIRP. I'm certain of it. Favorite track: Teeth.
Samuel Wiehe
Samuel Wiehe thumbnail
Samuel Wiehe Such a great collection of songs. Alec displays both his musical and writing chops big time on the album. Super pumped that the DIY scene has such an awesome person to represent it. Favorite track: Alone At An Altar.
Noah Garthwaite
Noah Garthwaite thumbnail
Noah Garthwaite This album reminds me of my Junior year listening to Brand New and TWIABP, charm and angst are a great combination and this EP does that with a really personal DIY feel. Alec is an amazing person an an insanely talented musician that I can't wait to hear more from as he continuously improves.

<3 Favorite track: Thank You, But Goodbye.
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A collection of vaguely written songs. Some about the past, some about the present, nonetheless personal. These are very rough demos and meant to be more of concepts for the final versions of the songs. They were recorded as quick as possible for various reasons. So When they are posted in the future they may or may not be different. Who knows!

Cassettes (Sold Out): oldbestfriends.bandcamp.com/album/everything-so-far


released May 24, 2016

I'd like to thank:
Cody Gardener for providing some lyrics for Alone At An Altar and inspiring it.

Sam for giving me his honest opinions and inspiring me.

Astrid Weatherfield for inspiring me, her honest opinions, and for the Cassettes

The entire McCafferty Fan Group who inspired me to keep writing music. If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't attempt to make music anymore.

Album cover: Old Photo of my brother (Climbing the tree) and myself (The cutie hitting the pinata)



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Coney Island Rescue Party Henderson, Nevada

Hey, lil guy.

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Track Name: Anxiety
You and I won't stay the same
And I only have you to blame
Oh a perfect ending to a show
As if you'd ever known

So we'll both go our separate ways
My brain remains a bitter haze
Revival of manic despair
And I don't seem to care

But what do you do when it all comes crashing down on you?
But what do you do when it all comes back to haunt you?

I wish that I could finally be
A much more stable man than me
But it's easier said than done
My brain Is growing Numb

So I'll stay quiet like a mouse
Escape from this forsaken house
Until I learn how to stay poised
And then i'll make some noise

But what do you do when it all comes crashing down on you?
But what do you do when it all comes back to haunt you?

The past don't ever seem to change
It feels like it has been arranged
By something much greater than I
I'll find out when I die
Track Name: Alone At An Altar
The one that I have come to know has left me at the altar all alone

So gather up some wooden sticks and nail me to your crucifix
I'll be a martyr hanging on your bathroom wall

So line up every other guy you dared to make feel dead inside
This isn't what I had in mind
When you said i'd be yours and you'd be mine

Who are you?
I'm on to you
I see right through you
I'm on to you now

I'm sending invitations to my dire devastation
How unfortunate it is to fall in love

I blame nobody but myself
There isn't anything left for me here
I don't feel anything at all
If only I could have just one more year
I could sleep peacefully you know
Buried beneath the dirt six feet below
That's where you'll find me

Who are you?
I'm on to you
I see right through you
I'm on to you now
Track Name: Skeleton
When did it become so hard
To find someone and fall in love
Forget about skipping the worst
This life is nothing but I broken record

There are skeletons under the staircase
And they call me down the stairs
Mental notes and thoughts of your face
Leaving me impaired and I fall down

Lets go back to your place
Your smile's all I have
I think I may have overstayed my welcome
This depression must be boring you so bad

A skeleton is nothing more
Than a routine fucking chore
I used to always go by that
I never thought i'd be this bad
But there is something missing
I am dying to be kissing you
But I will sleep forever more
Self loathing has become such a bore

And when you move away
I swear to go i'll beg for you to stay
My happy ending should have been with you

But now you're dead and gone
And though that may sound slightly odd to you
Your place was always meant to be with me

There's something in my attic
Oh my head is filled with static
There's a loophole in my dreaming full of clarity

I'm hopeful that one day I choose to leave this all behind me
Or find a god damn way to get back to you
Track Name: Teeth
You weren't there when all my teeth fell out of my head
And I was scared that you might be
Looking in at all the darkest parts of me
Now you're just another pointless memory

It's funny you should ask me
'Cus i'm not telling anyone
You don't deserve the closure I never got
So for now my teeth will rot

These pointless pictures
Sitting in a box
I'd love to burn them
But you would never be caught

Oh is it sentimental because
I'd prefer to forget
About this fucking mess you've started

And what's the difference between falling in love
And falling off a fifty foot drop

If it were up to me i'd make you believe that
You were someone else

Oh is that hypocritical because you would never
Dare do that to me

I do recall a time when I was hoping you'd be mine
But you went and you blew it

You wear an ugly face but one that you try to embrace
I think it's very fitting

It's over now
Try to forget
I can't help myself
And I regret
Ever falling in love
Or playing along
There will never be
Another one
Track Name: Tabletop Lake House
Sitting at the lake house
Puking in the back
You'll feel colder in the morning
I'm god damn sure of that

Blissful inconsistency
No matter what you try
Your sins have nowhere to run
There's no place they can hide

Constructing stained glass virtues
Born from breaking tides
Stress is a monster
Building up inside

Retracting every question
Answering with no time
Expressionless contusions
Reminds me of my life

If I wish to sleep or stay awake upon your table
It's only you who i'll confide (in)

Progression in transparency
But i'm stuck on your face
I never meant to haunt you
My mind made it this way

Apologies are mindless notions
This bloodline knows no wrong
Plaster me in cement
Until our love is gone

Choreograph this danger
We're dancing to our graves
My temperament is anger
A choice I didn't make

Malevolence is excellence
I'm trying to relate
But i'm feeling so out of touch
With nothing but mistakes

If I wish to sleep or stay awake upon your table
There's no place I would rather lay

I'll love you for forever
I'll love you until death parts our ways

Or maybe just for one more day
Track Name: Signs
Demon Serenade
Plastic Masquerade
Bubbling over
The bonds we create

Urgency means nothing to me
Full of broken sentences
Buzzed like honey bees

Drowning sound
Slowly drifting
In a coffin
On a mission

Blackened minds
Chewed up insides
Take me far from this place
Take me out tonight

And I can't hide
The way you're making me feel
So god damn blind

But I'll try
To rip away the burden
Of making you my lovely concubine

You're out of time
Dripping with confusion
Dripping with confusion of your life

The street signs
Point in no direction
Point in no direction but down

Fortresses of bliss
Masking what you missed
You used to hate the sound of happiness

You romanticized
The thought of you and I near death tonight

But we'll drive
And hopefully avoid the vacancy signs
Giving us a better chance
Of being freed to other worldly binds

And Now i'll bleed out the love
We created when we were still so very young
When we were so young
Track Name: Thank You, But Goodbye
You always believed
that nothing lasts forever.
I'm finding that I don't believe in you.
You always seem to
be the last contender.
Get off the stage I've had it with you.

I can't believe I ever dreamed of you.
I can't believe I ever dreamed of you.

And I was only hoping for goodbye
But you had finally come around
Swearing that you'd try
Two weeks was long enough for you
To realize I was right

I'm finally brave enough to say goodbye
I'm finally brave enough to say goodbye

So when you're feeling lonely
Just know your time has come
You'll recall every moment
That lead to feeling numb
I wish that I was sorry
But frankly I am not

You finally have found yourself caught
You finally have found yourself caught

You didn't seem to care
My thoughts had become clear
The words they had cut me like a knife
You taught me the importance
Of letting go of life

So thank you, but goodbye
So thank you, but goodbye